Ensure the Smooth Transition of Your Practice

Are you a financial advisor who is starting to consider your own retirement? At Hillcrest Financial Group, we have experience in successfully working with retiring financial advisors on a timeline that works for them. While we have acquired businesses where the seller immediately moves on, there is a growing desire for a more gradual transition into retirement. Just as with our clients, one solution does not fit everyone. Please contact us to explore if there is a mutual fit.

Retire on Your Own Timeline

Whether you want to use our infrastructure or work with a lower number of clients, we have successfully partnered with advisors who want to gradually step into retirement.

A Client-First Transition

The high level of care that we show to our clients is the cornerstone of our practice, and we want to extend that care to our clients without disruption to our existing clients. We have built our business to be able to absorb acquisitions without any negative effects to your clients or ours.

Let Us Answer All Your Questions

If you are ready to retire and want to learn how we can help make your transition smooth for you and your clients, contact us and start the conversation.

Your Financial Future
Starts Today

Let us help you make your financial dreams a reality.

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