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Financial Advice for All Medical Professionals

Having worked with hundreds of clients in the medical field, we know that you need a financial plan. But you are also very busy, and that may not leave you any time to create a financial plan that gives you financial confidence.

Achieving financial freedom takes time, methodical effort, and consistent energy. This is why planning for your future is so important. Working with an experienced advisor can save you time.

At Botto Financial, we help medical professionals define their financial goals. We take a hands-on approach to helping our clients achieve their goals on or ahead of schedule.

Financial Planning at All Stages of Your Medical Career

Residents and Fellows

Graduating medical students assume an average of $5500 in credit card debt and up to $150,000 in student loans. Unfortunately, many of these graduates lack the resources for financial management.

Exploring options for life insurance, disability coverage, IRAs and near-term are all areas that residents and fellows should start considering. Our financial advisors for medical students can help you address your unique concerns at this stage.

Medical Professionals in Practice

Becoming a practicing doctor is a long road, a huge investment, and quite the learning curve. But you finally made it and are helping people live healthy lives – congrats. Now is the time to make your money work for you, and we can help.

From planning for a comfortable retirement to weathering finances, our team will help you create and implement a strategy that’s unique to your goals.

Practice Owners

Practice owners are faced with the added complexities of assuming and paying for business-related debts and determining the direction of their business.

You have to plan for the practice’s tax structure and integrate it with personal fillings, all while ensuring you separate personal and business assets. Botto Financial can help you create a uniform direction for your practice, freeing you up to focus on the needs of your patients.


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Our Team Can Help Physicians Navigate Financial Issues Like:

Student Loan Repayment Strategy

Medical professionals have a unique student loan situation. Every decision you make could impact your total loan cost by thousands of dollars. This is due to your career path and income growth.

Other factors that can affect your repayment strategy include:

  – Marital status
  – Length of residency and fellowship
  – The total amount of debt
  – Age of your loans

We have a thorough knowledge and experience in finances and student loans along with a deep understanding of regulatory nuances for different student loan entities. This allows us to help you implement a custom and cost-effective repayment plan.

Disability Insurance

This is one of the most complicated financial products any physician will encounter, and perhaps the most important. One in three physicians experiences a disability at some point in their careers, with a 40% chance that it will last 7 years.

Whatever your career stage, disability insurance protects against loss of income. This makes it all the more important to have a basic understanding of these policies and purchase the right one. Contact our team today for help with your disability insurance.

Life Insurance

If you have a family that depends on you for financial support, life insurance can ensure that they are provided for in the event of an untimely death. The right life insurance policy can make sure that your kids go to college, your spouse retires in comfort, or that a disabled child is taken care of. Let us help you determine the best policy for you and avoid any mistakes during this process.

Investment Strategy

Physician wealth management is like investing for everyone else with the main difference being that medical professionals have less time and more money. It acts as a strategic financial planner for doctors which results in more investment options and higher taxes.

We’ll help you determine where to allocate your money in 401Ks and 403bs. We’ll also guide you through taxable brokerage accounts, use of Backdoor Roth IRAs, and Solo 401ks. Botto Financial helps you build a solid and more diversified investment strategy that’s tax-efficient.

Retirement Planning

Practicing medicine is enjoyable and rewarding, but can also be exhausting. There may come a day when you’ll want to slow down or hang it up completely. With Botto Financial, planning for retirement is easy and stress-free.

We’ll help you create a plan that reflects the reality of your career. This means helping you build up assets over time and draw income from your investments so that you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you always envisioned.

Strategic Tax Planning

A well-balanced financial plan should take into account your taxes now, taxes on investments, and the effect of taxation on the withdrawal of assets. Without this, many doctors end up paying unnecessary taxes to the IRS.

Our financial consultants in Cincinnati, OH help medical professionals minimize their tax burden. We’ll help you determine the most tax-effective investments and transfer wealth cost-effectively.

Botto Financial: Trusted Financial Planning for Doctors

Our aim at Botto Financial is to provide actionable financial advice to medical professionals. We take into account all aspects of their financial affairs. We work to make your money work for you.

We provide an in-depth analysis of your financial circumstances and recommend proactive planning. This ensures that your financial strategy stays current as products and markets evolve.

We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual trust. Because we operate as independent financial advisors, we aren’t constrained by preconceptions about what is right for you. Our team understands that each client has different needs and works to create a unique portfolio.

Our team consists of experienced professionals that specialize in wealth management. We also partner with attorneys, CPAs, and advisory groups for further insight. Our interdisciplinary approach adds a broader perspective to everything we do. This allows us to deliver comprehensive financial planning services for physicians.

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